Natural House Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Glass Jars

Cleaning the inside of glass jars with very narrow necks is quite a challenge! We recently discovered two quick and easy house cleaning tips on how to get those hard-to-clean glass containers sparkling.


how to clean glass bottles for re-use in the kitchen

Clean and shiny, ready to be re-used!

Using uncooked rice, hot water, and a bit of dish soap does the trick. Combined with removing the sticky residue left after peeling off labels, the results are spotless and shining. Inside and out, quick, easy, and simple!

A shortened photo gallery tutorial can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Remove Sticky Label Residue

You will need:

  • Olive Oil
  • Cotton Balls
  1. Peel off as much of the label as possible.
  2. Pour a small amount of olive oil onto a cotton ball.
  3. Dab the oil generously on the residue, paying particular attention to the areas where small bits of paper remain.
    natural house cleaning tips
  4. Let oil sit for a minute or two, then scrub with the oily cotton ball. You may need to use your fingernail to remove the remaining paper bits.
  5. After all the residue has been scrubbed away, you are ready for the next step!


Step 2:  Clean Inside Glass Jar Using Uncooked Rice

You will need:

  • Uncooked Rice
  • Dish soap
  • Funnel (optional)
  1. Add a tablespoon or so of rice to the bottle or jar, a dash of dish soap, and about 1/2 cup very hot water.
  2.  Shake vigorously until all the gunk on the bottom and sides has been scrubbed away.
  3. Rinse with hot water.
  4. Repeat if necessary.
  5. Drain, dry, and enjoy!

Any kind of uncooked rice will work fine; however, you may want to keep a small sack of bargain basket rice on hand just for this purpose if you re-use bottles frequently. This method also works on small mouth Mason jars; very useful for the home canning enthusiasts out there who prefer to re-use last seasons emptied jars.

Re-using glass containers for homemade salad dressings, cosmetics, and house cleaning products is a wonderful way to recycle, as well as a cost effective storage option for homemade concoctions or liquid items sold in the bulk section. Cashiers are happy to  record tare weight before you fill up, so no worries on paying for the extra weight of glass.

how to clean glass bottles for re-use in the kitchen
These are great sizes for homemade salad dressings and sauces, plus they have great flip-top caps!

The middle bottle pictured here, (and throughout this post) is a perfect size for a variety of things, which is great because olive oil is something that many of us use on a daily basis. Because the lid on this bottle is very secure, it makes a great purse sized water bottle for your on-the-go beverages.

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We hope that you enjoyed this post, and all of us at The Cleaning Crew send best wishes for a great summer!